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Costa Holiday Card Club and other benefits

The hotel David in Lido si Savio belongs to the Costa Vacanze Club Hotels group and for all customers there is the possibility to take advantage of promotions, benefits and special discount cards.

Costa Holiday Card Club

It is issued upon arrival at the hotel to all those who spend a stay of at least three days in one of our hotels
The card reserves to its holders the advantage of having a credit recharge equal to 3% of the amount of the holiday just spent, to be spent on extra drinks at the bar during a subsequent stay at one of the facilities belonging to the Costa del Sole Hotels Group

Costa del Sole Card Platinum

This card is reserved for all our guests who have spent at least one day of their holiday in our hotels each year for more than five consecutive years
Holders of this card will be entitled to a 10% discount on the full price list for stays of at least one week, even if the reservation is made at the last minute. The customer with the Costa del Sole Card Platinum will decide whether to send a deposit as a confirmation of the reservation (offer not combinable)
If you are one of those who are entitled to the Platinum Card, request it by contacting the number +39 0547.672057, or by sending an email to info@costavacanzehotels.com

Cheque Club Costa Vacanze Hotels

A real cheque that is issued at the time of the balance of the holiday and is immediately spendable on subsequent stays at all facilities of the Club Costa Vacanze Hotels.
The cheque is transferable to relatives and friends simply by countersigning it on the back.

The credit is worth 5% of the total amount of the stay and will be discounted on stays of at least two people in the same room for a minimum stay of seven days; it can not be combined with other offers in progress and will be discounted only on the daily list prices.

To book using the credit, simply contact the number of the hotel where you want to spend your holiday. At the time of booking, you only need to inform the operator that you are in possession of the cheque.

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